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Icons of Change" Glitter Tumbler With Stainless Steel Straw 20oz (Faster Delivery Time)

Icons of Change" Glitter Tumbler With Stainless Steel Straw 20oz (Faster Delivery Time)

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Discover the "Icons of Change" tumbler, an amalgamation of practicality and profound historical homage. Perfectly sized at 6722 cm for everyday use and paired with a reflective stainless steel straw, this tumbler goes beyond mere drinkware. Its glossy surface mirrors not just your visage but the visage of change itself.

Our tumbler celebrates the bold spirits of the civil rights movement's youngest warriors. With each featured illustration, we honor Emmett Till, whose untimely tragedy sparked a national outcry; Ruby Bridges, whose single-file march into school broke barriers; Linda Brown, the centerpiece of a legal battle that redefined educational equality; and Claudette Colvin, the teenager who refused to stand up in the face of injustice. The potent affirmation "IN THE HEARTS OF THE YOUNG, THE SEEDS OF FREEDOM FIND FERTILE GROUND" encircles these luminaries.

Rendered with a sepia-toned palette and a textured finish, the design evokes the grit and grace of a pivotal era. While tailored for modern utility, this tumbler's design thoughtfully includes a heat-responsive lid that gently rises with the steam of hot liquid—a nod to the careful engineering of products made to last.

With no minimum order necessary, the "Icons of Change" tumbler is as accessible to the individual supporter as it is to the educational collective. We offer a spectrum of shipping options to meet diverse demands and schedules.

Our tumbler isn’t just a vessel for your beverage; it's a canvas of courage, a lesson in each layer, and a daily reminder of the resilience of youth. It's a tribute to the lives of Emmett Till, Ruby Bridges, Linda Brown, and Claudette Colvin. This isn't just drinkware—it's drinkware with a declaration and a story in hand, ready to spark conversations and inspire a new generation.

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